Diesel Power Unlimited (DPU) modules are market leaders when it comes to performance tuning technology. Not only will your DPU Module deliver more power as well as increased torque over a smoother and linear power delivery, it can improve your vehicles fuel economy as well.

While the DPU module will awaken the beast within your vehicle, you can rest assured that your vehicles engine will still operate within the engines safe operating settings from the manufacturer.

The DPU Module is a game changer when it comes to its performance tuning abilities.

With some selected DPU modules having the ability to carry multiple tunning maps to select between. This allows the user to choose how the vehicle’s engine power is delivered, to better suit any change in driving conditions or whatever the driver’s needs maybe.

For example:

If your vehicle is towing heavy loads, you can simply adjust the module unit to its pre-programmed Towing Map Mode.
Once the desired Map is selected with the soft touch buttons, the Module will deliver an increase to your vehicles low down torque range to get you moving much easier.
It will also smoothen out the vehicles power delivery all the way to the increased higher end of the engines RPM range, giving you the power to overtake any obstacles, all while saving you precious dollars with better fuel economy.
If you decided to remove the DPU Module at any stage, all DPU modules will leave no trace of operation on the vehicles engine control unit. You may also have the option to carry the Module through to your next vehicle of choice, depending on the vehicle fuel system. (Contact us for more information)
DPU Modules are made in Germany from the highest quality OEM parts available on the automotive market. You can feel confident that your tuning software is developed at DPU’s Performance Development Factory right here in Australia to endure the harshest Australian outback conditions.
All Modules come with a complete model specific wiring loom that connects straight into your vehicles factory engine harness utilising great quality OEM connectors, so you can plug in and play with little effort. Also included is a set of installation instructions for a no fuss DIY project if you desire.
DPU Modules give the strength and durability the way a performance system should and that’s why at SJM OFFROAD we are proud to be partners with DPU to deliver custom tuning technology to you.

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