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Extreme Bubba 2″x30ft Recovery Rope


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Extreme Bubba
Breaking Strength: 131,500 lbs. 59420KG

2″ x 30ft (9m) — The Extreme Bubba is ideal for safely recovering heavy-duty vehicles such as tractors, semis and dump trucks from sticky situations!

Extreme Bubba – 2″ Rope x 30ft

Breaking Strength: 131,500 lbs – 59,420KG that over 59 tonne before it will break


2 Inch thickness x 30feet (over 9m)— The Extreme Bubba is ideal for safely recovering Large trucks, machinery, Tractors

Extreme Bubba comes with a special velcro web strap for handy carrying.


Rope Facts

Bubba Rope® is a tougher kind of recovery rope developed from military specs for safely pulling off-road vehicles out of mud, sand or snow.

It is the only snatch rope with a polymer coating.

  • 100% double braided nylon rope
  • Urethane Polymer coating
  • Commercially spliced and seized at both ends
  • Water proof, UV and abrasive resistant
  • Highest breaking strengths available

Bubba Rope® has the strength and durability beyond typical recovery ropes, snatch straps and chains with all the kinetic characteristics of a superior snatch rope.


Nylon Double Braid is the preferred choice for applications requiring high strength with excellent shock absorbing properties, with 30% more stretch than a strap.

  • Lil’ Bubba – 1/2″ diameter – 7,400 lbs
  • Bubba – 7/8″ diameter – 28,600 lbs
  • Big Bubba – 1-1/4″ diameter – 52,300 lbs
  • Jumbo Bubba – 1-1/2″ diameter – 74,000 lbs
  • Extreme Bubba – 2″ diameter – 131,500 lbs

Double braid has good resistance to abrasion, sunlight and chemicals.

However, with extended immersion in water, nylon ropes products will lose up to 10% of their strength.

With our polymer coating, Bubba Ropes extend the above positive properties ten fold and gives the added

water resistance property to maintain specified breaking strengths.


Each Bubba Rope is hand crafted and built in Florida USA.

The eyes or loops of ropes are specified to be longer and stronger than other recovery ropes.

To add to the strength of the eye we use 50% more material in our splicing and add a strong

seizing derived from actual Military specifications.

All ropes are dipped in a polymer base giving the ropes a protective covering and impregnating

the nylon fibers, leaving them strong yet flexible.

Bubba Ropes are NOT made from black nylon double braid; instead they are white nylon fibers dipped in a

polymer base that is dyed black. Therefore the breaking strength of a Bubba Rope is never compromised.



Gator-ize® is added protection that is automatically applied to all Bubba Rope recovery ropes at no extra charge.

This process uses two types of high performance elastic polymer coatings giving the rope a durable outer skin similar to the tough hide of a Florida ‘gator. The entire rope is dipped and cured in this coating, penetrating deep into the soft nylon rope fibers.

Gator-izing not only helps protect Bubba Ropes from harmful UV rays, water, mud, sand and abrasion, but it also flexes allowing the rope to stretch 30% – 35%.

Gator-ized in the USA, Bubba Ropes are “more than just a good ol’ mudders rope.” They outperform flat web straps by stretching 100% more. Bubba Ropes—your lifeline to getting back on the road

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 85 × 25 × 20 cm


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