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SupaFit Seat Covers Passenger Vehicles Toyota


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The SupaFit Difference
With over 20 years experience manufacturing seat covers to suit the harsh Australian environment, SupaFit Seat Covers, along with one of Australia’s premium canvas providers, have produced our own Australian made canvas and fabrics. This enables us to guarantee only the highest quality and comfortable seat covers to protect your vehicles original upholstery.
– Perth’s No.1 Aftermarket Seat Cover Provider
– Australia’s Largest Range in Aftermarket Seat Covers
– Proudly Australian Made
– Safety Airbag Compatible
– Industry tested and approved Airbag Deployment Seam Technology

– Using only the best materials & products Australia has to offer
– Specialised embroidery available
– Delivery available Australia wide
– All listing prices provide all the seat covers for specific models selected, please contact us if you require individual covers only

Custom Colour Stitching and Logo’s can be added for that personal or corporate touch for just a small added cost, please contact for more details and pricing.

Single Seat’s or Row’s covers also available to purchase individually, please contact for further information.


SupaFit Seat Covers’ range of 4WD, Truck and Earthmoving equipment seat covers are made from heavy-duty canvas and denim material, specifically designed to be both hardy and comfortable for 4WD as well as recreational and industrial vehicles.

SupaFits range seat covers tick all the boxes when it comes to your vehicle or equipment needs.

– Toughness: using our high quality 14.9 oz Australian made canvas and denim materials
– Waterproof: tested and proven against water, to handle all your recreational activities without any surface deterioration
– Mould Resistant: eliminating growth of mould and bacteria
– UV Stability: to cope with Australia’s toughest conditions, our materials have strong UV stability and colour fastness
– Airbag Compatible: industry approved Airbag Deployment Seam Technology
With over 20 years experience in manufacturing seat covers to suit the Australian marketplace, we can guarantee that our 4WD seat covers will effectively and comfortably protect the original upholstery of your vehicle in the harsh Australian climate.

Airbag Compliant Seat Covers

Making sure your seat covers are compatible with your seat mounted airbags is important for your safety, which is why SupaFit Seat Covers have invested years of research into developing airbag safety seat cover technologies. Constructed using computer controlled stitching and specialised thread, our airbag compatible seat covers are designed to split at the seam upon deployment of airbags.

As leaders in the vehicle custom interior industry, SupaFit Seat Covers are constantly striving to stay on top of the latest technology and advancements across all our products. Our industry approved airbag deployment seam technology provides total confidence and peace of mind that SupaFit airbag compatible seat covers are 100% safe to use on seats with airbags.


Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 85 × 25 × 30 cm
Model & Year

Landcruiser 200 Series GX/GXL 07/2009+, Landcruiser 200 Series Sahara Factory DVD Headrest 09/2015+, Landcruiser 200 Series VX, 60th, Kakadu 09/2007-08/2015, Landcruiser 200 Series Altitude 09/2007+, Landcruiser 200 Series GX/GXL 09/2007-06/2009, Landcruiser 100 Series GXL 2005-08/2007, Landcruiser 100 Series Standard Wagon 01/1998-2008, Landcruiser 100 Series GXL 01/1998-07/2005, Landcruiser 100 Series GXV-Electric Seat 01/1998-2008, Landcruiser 100 Series Kakadu/Sahara-Electric Seat 01/1998-2008, Landcruiser 80 Series Standard 3/4 Passenger Seat 01/1990-12/1997, Landcruiser 80 Series GXL 01/1990-12/1997, Landcruiser 80 Series Sahara 01/19990-12/1997, Landcruiser 79 Series VDJ79 Workmate/GX/GXL Dual Cab 2012+, Landcruiser VDJ79 GX/GXL Ute 09/2016+, Landcruiser VDJ79 GX/GXL Ute 2 Seater 08/2009-08/2016, Landcruiser VDJ79 GX/GXL Ute 3/4 Seat 08/2009-08/2016, Landcruiser 79 GX/GXL Ute 2 Seater 10/1999-07/2009, Landcruiser 79 Series GX/GXL Ute 3/4 Seater 10/1999-07/2009, Landcruiser VDJ76 Workmate/GX/GXL 4 Door Wagon 2007+, Landcruiser 75 Series GX/GXL Ute 1985-09/1999, Landcruiser 60 Series 2 Seater Front 1980-12/1989, Troop Carrier VDJ79 GX/GXL/RV 08/2009+ Driver/Pass 2 Bucket, Rear Forward Facing, Troop Carrier VDJ79 GX/GXL/RV 08/2009+ 3/4 Passenger Front Seat, Rear Forward Facing, Troop Carrier 79 Series GX/RV 2 Front Seater 10/1999-07/2009, Troop Carrier 79 Series GX/RV 3 Front Seater 10/1999-07/2009, Troop Carrier 75 Series 1985-09/1999, Prado 150 Series GX 5 Seater 11/2013+, Prado 150 Series GX/GXL 7 Seater 10/2009+, Prado 150 Series VX 7 Seater 10/2009+, Prado 150 Series GX 5 Seater 10/2009-10/2013, Prado 150 Series Kakadu 7 Seater 10/2009+, Prado 150 Series Grande 7 Seater 10/2009+, Prado 120 Series Grande 04/2003-09/2009, Prado 120 Series VX 04/2003-09/2009, Prado 120 Series GXL 04/2003-09/2009, Prado 120 Series GX/GXL 04/2003-09/2009, Prado 120 Series GX 04/2003-09/2009, Prado 95 Series GXL/VX/Grande 05/1996-03/2003, Prado 95 Series GX 5 Seater 05/1996-03/2003, Hilux Dual Cab SR/SR5 09/2015+, Hilux Dual Cab SR5 (electric drivers seat) 09/2015+, Hilux Extra Cab SR/SR5 09/2015+, Hilux Single Cab 09/2015+, Hilux Dual Cab Workmate 09/2015+, Hilux Dual Cab SR5 (electric drivers seat) 2014-08/2015, Hilux Dual Cab SR5 08/2009-08/2015, Hilux Extra Cab SR5 08/2009-08/2015, Hilux Dual Cab SR 08/2009-08/2015, Hilux Extra Cab SR 08/2009-08/2015, Hilux Single Cab 08/2009-08/2015, Hilux Dual Cab Series 2 09/2006-08/2015, Hilux Dual Cab SR5 05/2005, Hilux Extra Cab SR/SR5 05/2005-08/2015, Hilux Dual Cab Series 1 05/2005-08/2006, Hilux Dual Cab Series 1 05/2005-08/2006 3/4 Front Seat, Hilux Single Cab 05/2005-08/2015 3/4 Front Seat, Hilux LN167 Dual Cab SR5 08/2002-04/2005, Hilux LN167 Single Cab 01/1998-04/2005, Hilux LN167 Dual Cab 01/1998-04/2005, Hilux LN147 Single Cab 1997-2005 (Bench), Hilux Single Cab 1992-1997 (Bench)


Black Canvas, Grey Canvas, Brown Canvas, Black Denim, Grey Denim

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