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Throttle Performance Chips


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  • Eliminates throttle lag
  • Improves fuel economy, through smoother throttle operation
  • Increase response times when towing heavy loads
  • Greater control when off-road
  • Simple DIY installation, Plug and Play taking 10 minutes to install
  • Comes with 3 modes (City,Sports, Sports plus) with another 6 finer tuning points within each mode
  • Hand controller comes with extended cable giving you a multitude of mounting options
  • Wiring Harness and connection plugs designed to fit factory  connections
  • All Components are quality German made
  • 24 month manufactures warranty

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]DPU Pedalbox
Tired of that sluggish engine response when you press down on the accelerator pedal?? Want more confidence when overtaking or merging onto highways??
SJM OFFROAD now offers the DPU Pedalbox….
The DPU Pedalbox is a fantastic low cost and easy to install device which is a great addition to instantly increase accelerator performance to your vehicle!
The DPU Pedalbox modules are designed to react with your vehicles accelerator pedal movement, reducing valuable lag time lost between pressing the accelerator pedal to the engines reaction time by micro seconds. Very important when it comes to situations such as overtaking, or having that optimum vehicle control over any off road obstacles. The Pedal Box can also be finely adjusted to suit any driving style.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”quote-box”]

Note: Pedal Modules or Electronic Throttle Controller Units do not increase the engines HP output; simply adjusts the way it is delivered through the accelerator use.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Manufacturers set extended accelerator delays to reach lower Kilowatts outputs to reduced emissions, only to meet strict regulations imposed by some countries to achieve lower tax rates when sold worldwide. For example, some countries tax levels are set around vehicles kilowatt and emission ratings, thus forcing manufactures to reduce engines performance levels.
The DPU Pedalbox is a simple and safe pre-programmed device that has up to 20 adjustable settings for any required driving style situations. The Module design is compact and easy fitted within minutes. Pedal Boxes are a complete Plug and Play style unit. The Pedal Box simply connects to your vehicles OEM accelerator wiring loom using factory style connections. Making it an ideal DIY project, with most units can be fitted in around 10 minutes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm

Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Landrover, Isuzu, Holden


Landcruiser VDJ200 4.5L V8 2007-July2009, Landcruiser VDJ200 4.5L V8 July2009-on, Landcruiser UZJ200 4.7L V8 2007-July2009, Landcruiser UZJ200 4.7L V8 July2009-on, Landcruiser UZJ100 4.7L V8 2001-2007, Landcruiser LC79 4.5L V8 July2009-on, Landcruiser LC79 4.5L V8 2007-July2009, Landruiser LC78 4.5L V8 July2009-on, Landcruiser LC78 4.5L V8 2007-July2009, Landcruiser LC76 4.5L V8 July2009-on, Landcruiser LC76 4.5L V8 2007-July2009, Hilux 2.4L 2GD-FTV 2006-on, Hilux 3L 1KD-FTV 2006-on, Hilux 2.5L 2KD-FTV 2006-on, Hilux 2.8L 1GD-FTV 2015-on, Hilux 4.0L 1GR-FE V6 2002-on, Prado 3L 1KD-FTV 2004-on, Prado 4.0L 1GR-FE V6 2002-on, Prado 2.8L 1GD-FTV 2015-on, FJ Cruiser 4.0L V6 2006-on, Ranger 3.2L 2011-on, Ranger 2.2L 2012-on, BT50 3.2L 2011-on, Amarok 2.0L 2010-on, Triton 2.5L Di-D 2011-on, Pajero 3.2L Di-D, D-Max 2.5L 2011-on, D-Max 3.0L 2011-on, Colorado 2.8L 2014-on, Pathfinder 4.0L 2004-2013, Pathfinder 2.5L dCi 2004-2013, Pathfinder 3.0L dCi 2004-2013, Patrol GU Y60 2004-2014, Navara 2.5L dCi D40 2005-2015, Navara 3.0L dCi D40 2005-2015, Navara NP300 2015-on, Wrangler JK 2.8L 2007-on, Wrangler JK 3.8L V6 2007-on, Wrangler JK 3.6L 2007-on, Cherokee 6.4L V8 2010-on, Cherokee 3.0L CRD 2010-on, Discovery III 2.7L 2007-on, Discovery IV 2.7L TDV6 2009-on, Discovery IV 3.0L TDV6 2009-on, Evoque 2.0L 2011-on, Evoque 2.2L 2011-on, Range Rover 3.0L TD6 2009-on, Range Rover 4.4L TDV8 2009-on, Range Rover 5.0L V8 2009-on


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