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Ford Dual Battery System PX2-PX3


FORD RANGER/RAPTOR PX2-PX3 Lithium Dual Battery System

  • Fully bolt in system
  • 150Ah Lithium Battery Power
  • 50,  40 or 25 Amp Redarc BCDC Charger
  • Solar Charging compatible
  • Multiple power outlets 2x 50A – 5x 15A
  • Victron Bluetooth Battery  Monitor
  • Simple DIY installation – Plug and Play
  • Designed and made in Australia

FORD RANGER/RAPTOR PX2-PX3 Lithium Dual Battery System

  • Fully bolt in system
  • 150Ah Lithium Battery Power
  • 50,  40 or 25 Amp Redarc BCDC Charger
  • Solar Charging compatible
  • Multiple power outlets 2x 50A – 5x 15A
  • Victron Bluetooth Battery  Monitor
  • Simple DIY installation – Plug and Play
  • Designed and made in Australia

Dual Energy System ™ Power Unit

PX2,PX3,Ranger Raptor 2018-2021

The patented DES ™ Power Unit Kit is the first of its kind in that it is 100% DIY without the need to undertake any major body modifications as it bolts into the existing vehicle structure. It requires the use of only a few hand tools following a ‘plug & go’ wiring design for added ease of installation. The DES ™ Power Unit is powered by the latest lithium technology providing up to 150 amps of continuous discharge & is simultaneously recharged from both solar and alternator using your choice of  REDARC™ BCDC 50A, REDARC™ Core 40A or 25A In-vehicle Battery Charger; with Bluetooth enabled battery monitoring via a Victron Energy™ Smart Battery Monitor.

The DES ™ Power Unit is positioned neatly behind the rear seats & does not interfere with child restraint anchor points. The unit incorporates an inbuilt jack & jack tool holder & Molle bag attachment for additional storage as an optional extra. The DES ™ Power Unit comes with fully fused, multiple amp distribution outlets giving you the added freedom to safely power additional 12V accessories such as Fridge Freezers or camping gear without drawing down on your main start battery.

PX3 & Raptor 2019-2021 Require Ford Part number: AB3926 4035 2BD3A06 Rear Wall Carpet

12v Accessory power cables not included

Free Shipping Australia Wide

2-3 week lead time from ordering to dispatching – these are made as per order

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4 reviews for Ford Dual Battery System PX2-PX3

  1. B McLean

    I didn’t want a complicated battery system that meant I’d be without my car for a week while it got installed. The DIY instructions were easy to follow, and I got it done in a weekend. No Auto Electrician needed.
    Adelaide Hills, Adelaide SA

  2. N Yench

    The DES Unit is the best investment I’ve made for my Ranger. I looked at a few other types of battery systems but none of them had the full specs Ampere Hours I was after. I highly recommend getting a DES dual battery system as it really is a complete battery system that can power just about every 12V 4×4 accessory you can think of.
    Rockhampton QLD

  3. D Dale

    I just wanted to touch base and say the DES Unit arrived last week and I got it installed in time for my trip up to the Cape next week. I did a test run over the weekend and hooked up the fridges, Travel Buddy and the camp lights and couldn’t believe it was still close to full charge by the end of the day. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about spending the cash on a DIY unit but it’s awesome! I’ll be telling everyone I come across on my trip about the DES and sending them your way mate. Thanks again.
    Buderim, Sunshine Coast QLD

  4. S Morris

    Seeing that DES dual battery system uses components from Redarc and Victron. I knew this was going to be something I could trust in the quality and reliability. Fits perfectly and simply connects all the wiring cables together to power up the system. Takes all the guesswork out of setting a dual battery system from scratch. Worth the $$$ in my opinion.
    Bentley, Perth WA

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Ford Dual Battery System


Can I purchase replacement batteries for my DES Unit?

Absolutely! Our DES lithium batteries are available for purchase individually. See our website for prices & warranty information.

This unit is expensive compared to some other brands, why should I purchase the DES unit?

We understand that purchasing a DES Unit is a considerable investment, and you want to know it’s worth the money. Whilst there are cheaper alternatives on the market, DES has taken the time to research its competitors and have found other dual battery systems:

  • Often come as a mounting accessory only without wiring harness, connectors, chargers, or battery monitors
  • Provide less power capacity
  • Use heavy AGM batteries
  • Have a limited amount of power outlets
  • Use non-rated tie down battery straps
  • Require major vehicle modification or professional trade install
  • Have no solar input or dc/dc charger
  • Are manufactured from heavier materials impacting vehicles GVM capacity
  • Are not customisable

Our DES units are Australian designed & manufactured with quality, efficiency, safety & maximum power in mind. Still not sure? see our website for DES Unit specs for comparative information.

What types of accessories can the DES unit power?

The DES Unit will power your standard camping accessories including lights, fridge/freezers, air compressors, 12V camp ovens etc but for those who like to travel in comfort, the DES Unit could power anything with a 12V converter or an additional 240V inverter such as a CPAP, television, coffee machines, induction cookers etc.

It says the DES unit is DIY but I don’t have a lot of mechanical experience, how easy is it to install?

We specifically developed installation instructions with novices in mind. The step-by-step instructions come complete with real pictures and DES offer free telephone support during business hours in the unlikely event you get stuck. DES is also in the process of developing a user friendly install video.

Why does DES use lithium batteries?

Whilst Lithium batteries are more expensive than AGM or Lead Acid batteries; lithium batteries have up to 80% useable capacity compared to traditional batteries that have only 50% useable capacity. Lithium batteries are also lighter in weight and compact in size for maximum space saving.

How do I know if the DES unit will fit in my car?

The DES Unit has been customised to be model specific meaning if your vehicles make/model is listed then it will fit! DES is in the process of developing the unit for other makes/models and will update the website when these become available.

How long will the DES unit last in my car?

Provided you follow the step-by-step installation guide, care & maintenance instructions then by all accounts the only component you need ever replace are the batteries when they have expelled their life cycle.

If I sell my car, can I reuse the DES unit in a new car?

Provided your new car is the same make/model then you can absolutely reuse the DES unit.

Will I still be able to use child restraints in the backseat with the DES unit installed?

Absolutely. The DES Unit does not interfere with any OEM child safety restraints.

Will installing a DES unit void my manufacturers warranty?

The DES Unit does not require any major vehicle modifications or changes to OEM electrical components that would impact your manufacturers warranty.

Will the DES unit drain my start battery?

No, as the DES Unit has a low voltage isolator inbuilt into the charger.

Can I list the DES Unit on my car insurance?

Absolutely! Any aftermarket vehicle accessory should always be listed on your insurance. Contact your insurer for further information.

Can I purchase the backing plate on its own?

The DES Unit is engineered as a complete product and DES utilises special tooling in the manufacturing process to ensure a precise fit. As such the backing plate is not available for individual sale.

Why does the DES unit use two lithium batteries instead of one?

Using two lithium batteries not only maximises useable space in the vehicle but also offers an increase in battery capacity; meaning you can power more electrical accessories for longer.

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