Talking throttle performance & controller enhancement

Tired of your vehicle lagging when you need fast acceleration? Then this blog post is for you!

What if I could tell you there is a way to fix painful accelerator delays with one easy to fix device that fits in seconds?

Well strap yourselves in, because your delay days are over!

Firstly, we need to understand what throttle performance is and how it is linked to our operational control over the vehicle’s power delivery in all driving situations.

Wikipedia defines throttle as a mechanism by which the power or speed of an engine is regulated. Correct!

Well in the case of most modern vehicles the drive-by-wire accelerator system works as a communication device operated by the foot to send signals to the Engine Control Unit (ECU); which in micro seconds decides on how much throttle to open to provide power to the vehicles engine.

Some manufactures set delay programs inside of the ECU throttle output, claiming to reduce severe throttle reactions as well as reduce the emission outputs that can carry heavy taxations in some countries. But have they gone too far?

Its fundamentally important to the daily driver to know you have full control over the vehicle that you operate, not only for our sake but for any passengers and other road users as well.

Enter DPU’s throttle performance chip….

This great device has the ability to change the way your throttle reacts with the engine as well as changing your driving style, so that it is more controlled and power delivery is easily accessed.

How does it work?

The DPU throttle performance chip simply connects into the vehicle factory throttle harness; and receives the signal from accelerator movement which alters the signal before it reaches the ECU. In short? The accelerator signal to the ECU is fast-tracked resulting in an advanced throttle response, giving you full potential to access your vehicles power delivery in a shorter time frame.

An example of where the DPU throttle performance chip would shine is when you’re entering a T-intersection with heavy traffic coming from both directions. You choose your moment to merge and your brain consciously instructs your foot to apply the accelerator to get the vehicle moving quickly & safely to your intend route of travel. But all of a sudden, your vehicles response is too slow and the distance you thought you had with oncoming traffic is closing in quickly. You’re heading towards the wrong kind of rendezvous and cue that sinking feeling in your gut!

With the DPU throttle performance chip, there’s no longer a need to drive your foot through the floor to achieve full throttle. The chip will fire the engine power at a much quicker speed and dramatically reduce that lag time when trying to get the vehicle on the move. In addition, with the enhanced control over your vehicles power delivery, you’ll no longer have your passenger’s heads whipping around like they’re at heavy metal concert! NO MORE KISSING THE DASH!

You simply select from one of the three map settings (which can also be fine-tuned for personal preference) and enjoy the benefits of having greater control over your vehicles acceleration performance.

Take a look at some more of the DPU throttle performance chip advantages below.

• Increases throttle performance
• Improves heavy towing
• Enhanced throttle control in 4WD situations
• Easy to fit, great for DIY
• Manufactured from quality German components
• 12 months manufactures warranty
• 3 programmable settings, with 6 fine tuning settings within each program
• Helps reduces turbo lag
• Helps with Automatic gear boxes maintaining gear selection under load
• Small stylish hand controller which can be mounted on dashboard or console areas
• Can be left plugged in and turned off for standard accelerator usage
• Reduces fuel consumption

So are you going to be the last person left at the lights, or are you going to click here to buy your DPU throttle performance chip and get ahead of the pack!

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